List: Reasons to welcome one last year at Wes

I’m almost dreading going back to college this summer, for the first time.

This post is to convince myself that it will indeed be a year well spent, and I might even have some fun thoughout.

  1. Fun science to learn
  2. New friends to make
  3. London-borne nonchalant attitude to flaunt (while probably freaking out every few weeks about life after graduation)
  4. Apples to pick at the orchard
  5. Parties to hold, hors d’oeuvres to concoct, themes to think up!
  6. Terp dancing
  7. Klezmer band
  8. WesWIS events to plan and attend
  9. Maybe develop a running habit?
  10. A car with which to zoom around the thus far judged as boring state of Connecticut
  11. Trivia nights to attend at Boca, and that new bar on Church to seek out
  12. Word game nights
  13. Slam poetry events filled with crazy inspiration
  14. Things I can’t yet predict!