List: Favorite Places to Study

At Wes:

  1. Dean’s office waiting area. They have an amazingly sophisticated assortment of objects on the shelves, like an abstract clock, interesting foreign art, and a book about where to find great food in Connecticut! The couches are truly comfortable and there’s new age music pulsing from the speakers. It’s a one-of-a-kind space in a college campus.
  2. Ground floor of Olin: Periodical room. Lounge in a big chair or couch, propping up your feet towards the spacious windows that reveal all of Andrus field and Usdan. A room with a view.
  3. 41 Wyllys classrooms. The building has that clean, new feel that gives off warmth because of its color scheme. It feels organised, welcoming, and without clutter, which helps my brain focus on work.
  4. Basement of Allbritton, either in the little arrangements near the doors or Espwesso when it’s closed. Peaceful.

Around Middletown:

  1. Russell Library. I love feeling like a part of the community and being around people of all ages! As someone who enjoys being surrounded by books, their universal collection has a more comforting feel than Olin’s severe, academic, ancient stacks (although those definitely have a certain appeal as well.)
  2. New England Emporium. Their playlists are some of the finest I’ve heard in any restaurant or cafe! Varied spaces to sit and read, such as booths, couches, chairs, and outside tables if it’s warm.
  3. Would like to try Perk on Main, in nearby Durham, very soon!