bath bomb

A soft buttery light casts my still-being-furnished bedroom in a calming tone. It’s not as chilly as it usually is, thanks to my landlord offering a space heater in the interim before she can hire an electrician. I clutch my newly purchased bath towel and let it lick up the remaining water droplets while it leaves a snuggly after(taste?)

Then I realize: I am so proud that I own this lovely, lovely towel that I bought for not quite an hour’s labor, which functions as a drying device and mobile nest, whose shade is easy on the eyes yet stylish… this towel that I received in an exchange with the fruits of my first post-college job, which I actually like and is showering me with many lessons both cushy and spiky!

I love my towel! And this milestone towards independence!

Puppy staying cozy in a towel

Did I mention… IT’S ALSO ORGANIC?! 😉

My head in this moment

On repeat: the chorus of “Your Eyes” by Rogue Wave

-Playing clarinet for over ten years has instilled a habit of following along with the melody of a recognized song either through my fingers as if I’m playing it by ear on the clarinet, in a normal location such as my tapping foot, or a really weird method like clenching or moving my jaw to the beat. I’m so weird.

That parallel feeling of pent-up frustration/energy with a bodily exhaustion.

“Me Poem” from seventh grade English class

Putting it in my blog so I can revisit it when I’m in the School of Life’s seventy seventh grade.

I am Sophie

A drop of life

In this infinitely vast world

I am a speck


I am a peaceful shade of blue


But in no time I turn to

A vibrant lime green

Eager to get going

Excited to be living


I am a sushi roll

A lot of personalities packed

Into one

Healthy and delicious

Exotic and special


I am the Beatles

Lots of different subjects


Oldie but goodie


I am Sophie

Ready to help

Full of love

Independent and proud

I am me