List: Real fears for the future

Warning: This is not a happy post. These are concerns that deeply distress me, so don’t expect me to end this with a light little pun or anything. You can stop reading if you want right now.

  1. Climate change will spur a massive catastrophe with water wars, temperatures high enough to¬†make fruit leather on your back porch occurring regularly, dieoff of untold numbers of organisms that wrecks our already precarious agricultural system and leads to widespread famine. Then you have violence, more wars, and tragedies I can’t yet imagine.
  2. My kids will grow up to be mindless drones of the internet who can’t achieve fulfillment by interacting with other life forms. They’re shackled by distraction, narcissism, and miss out in the joys of being a vulnerable human.
  3. I can’t be sure how I want to spend my life at twenty one, but I do have an idea about using my fascination with evolution and lab work to pursue applied climate change ecology: that is, studying how organisms are adapting to the effects of climate change, such as increased temperatures or decreased humidity, and use that information to help them and humans survive the impending era of unprecedented change. Now, that’s all good and happy for someone like me who believes in climate change (to me, it’s absolutely absurd that anyone would believe a business-minded politician for their science data over supereducated¬†scientists). But there are those that deny it, and there are those that are not intaking these predictions deeply enough to take actions that would actually ameliorate our situation (an overwhelming number of us.) Because I support everything proactive, it is already taking a toll on me that our living situation on Earth is declining extremely rapidly yet it feels like so many people don’t realize/believe it, let alone do anything about it. So, I fear that I’ll harbor this anxiety, frustration, anger, and linked emotions for my whole life. I guess that’s what spurs activism, right?