I really don’t know life at all.

This summer, I’ve developed greater appreciation for folk music icons like Joni Mitchell, this blog’s namesake. I’ve also been looking for a new home to deposit the massive list of perspectives and observations I regularly encounter. Finally, I’d like to posit this platform as a resource for future retrospection when I’m older and yearn to remember how it feels to be 21. So, to sum it up, this new blog is functioning as:

1. A typical log of my big ideas and opinions: Who’s inspiring me at the moment; Current dreams and aspirations;¬†Current ratio¬†of nostalgia and inpatience for college; Current method of eating cucumbers (cut up? Whole? With dip? It matters!)

2. A storehouse for lists I’d never write down but hope to remember (and never do), including “Things that cheer me up”, “favorite greeting card ideas”, “favorite movies” and so forth. That’s a quirk about me- I can never remember my favorite things.

3. A sort of “time capsule” with which I’ll try to secure some memories, feelings, and general reminders about what it’s like to be a young adult. I fear losing that power to relate to people of past ages. I hope this will help as well as provide triggers to vicariously guide me through these years again and again when I can only revisit them from a distance.