Summer 2016: A real handful

I was ecstatic to graduate. It was thrilling and challenging to surpass June. The first full days of work, memorizing commutes, and creating a list of food staples was an uncomfortable yet bearable suite of “real world” changes. July brought more time to practice. Finding a way to the Y every few days was difficult but important to maintaining a clear(ish) head. I saw the reminder telling me that my internship’s official end date was approaching, but disregarded it. After all, my boss had been dropping hints all summer of its likely continuance through multiple seasons.

I was fairly acquainted with the 10+ projects consultants balance at any one time and enjoying the mapping, field work, and statistical analyses. I also did mindless data entry and other rote tasks delegated to “the intern”, but didn’t mind much because the job had brought far more intellectual stimulation than I’d predicted.

August hit. My boss wasn’t so sure of my intended tenure. My mind leapt into a frenzy: what to do next!?

Now, in a parallel universe with an unattached Sophie, the frenzy would have been less frantic. Or at least a different shade of that dusty pink that temporarily blocks your senses and inhibits clear thinking. Single Sophie would have assessed her situation and felt free to apply to jobs all over the country and even the nearer parts of the world in hopes of furthering her dream to step into a biological researcher’s shoes, with notebook and pipette in tow. But in this world, Sophie’s heart is not unilocutory (trying to hold on to my dwindling Latin knowledge; forgive me) and it’s not that easy to book the next train to Winnipeg.

Here are were my options (as of last week):

  1. Apply to jobs all over the country (and world) that light my lil bio-crazed fire
  2. Try to coordinate job applications with my cardiac partner, which means applying to the Northeast area, and mostly to cities
  3. Email professors at cool city universites asking if they have room in their lab for me to work or volunteer. Then I’ll get a part-time job if it’s not full time (the most likely outcome, if I can even pull off the whole lab tech thing)
  4. WWOOF or do Workaway or join a cult.


Fast forward to the literal last week in August, when the internship without an end date should have ended. That was before I was asked to help catch some fish in the end of September. So now I’m on until then. My boss said he’d let me know about my future after he crunches numbers around Labor Day. So that’s the latest… how utterly freaked out I am! But also excited that, if I do find myself unemployed come October, I’ll have time to find another job that’s another good step towards grad school!

Whatever happens, there will be bad and there will be good. But, in time, the good will most definitely overshadow the tough stuff.


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