Nudge of Inspiration: Style as Anti-Violence Activism

In the words of the extraordinary Jender Anomie,

“There’s this really good quote I found online about being ‘femme’ that is totally relatable: ‘Every morning, getting dressed is a process of quantifying an apathy to violence, potential, mediated, or openly hostile, for the day.’ For me, coming across the public every day can be quite a dehumanizing experience because people think I’m somehow obscuring myself with costume, which often incites insults or comments. I really feel, however, that the opposite is true. If I were to attempt to blend in, that would be the true obstacle. I would struggle to remember just how unique a person I am. ‘Dressing up’ means all I need to do is just look at myself. It’s right there where I can see it with my eyes and feel in my hands how today I created something beautiful. It really means I have to believe in myself, even if I want to give up because people are gonna say things and I am gonna have to deal with it.

Colorful and frivolous clothes are my main channel of communication to the world, and they say, ‘Warning, I don’t back down!’ It’s the only language I’m confident at speaking.”


Check out this brief yet stunning piece of art on Rookie.