List: Dreamt-about Jobs

When I was younger:

  • Chef
  • Miner (thought I could keep gems I found)
  • Ballerina
  • Trucker
  • Canine opthomologist.

Now, at 21.4 years old:

  • Backup singer specializing in harmonizing
    • Preferred office: Driver’s seat of a zero emissions car that basically has a carnot engine (leaves the environment intact.) Environment: Anywhere worth exploring the roads and views.
  • Zumbathonner (must have great music and a wide age range of fellow zumbistas- love seeing older ladies dancing like no one’s watching!)
  • Travel/vacation blogger
  • Recipe taster
  • Evolutionary biologist who works both in a lab and outdoors
    • Utilizes GIS and spatial data
    • Makes a difference, especially in light of climate change

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